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From Pain to Power Academy™ is the proven step by step process of healing your childhood trauma so you can create emotional freedom, open your heart to love again 
& find the joy in your life. (without years of therapy)

See what ladies are saying about the From Pain to Power Academy

"Using the From Pain to Power Academy, I have an excitement for life that I haven't had in years ..."

"Having access to Dee and her wisdom, where she's been through it. She has been such an inspirational coach for me and assisted me with really stepping into my power. My kids have noticed a difference. I've noticed a difference. I have an excitement for life that I haven't had in years." ~Shanna

"Here is Name's testimonial."

"I Now Have The Knowledge And The Awareness To Things That I Questioned My Entire Life"

"It's a little unreal to me what you know, and are able to heal. And the way you work and do things is so much different from a counselor, which I attend counseling, but this is so much more in depth. You've helped me open things up that I didn't even talk to the counselor about. And I just really want to thank you for that, Danielle." ~ Maria

"The Best Thing I got out of the Mentorship was Me"

"My experience in the mentorship was so positive from everybody. The videos were so in depth, I learned things that I've never been taught before. The whole community was supportive. And especially Dee if I had any issues coming up, I felt very safe that I could turn to her. I didn't feel judged. It was just a place where I could open up and say whatever and be myself. The biggest thing that I got out of it was me! " ~Leanne

Name used the From Pain to Power Academy to blank and got these results ...

"Here is Name's testimonial."

"Here is Name's testimonial."

Jennifer's Thoughts Before Joining the From Pain to Power Academy... 

"Nobody can help me, I've tried so many things, why would this work? Um, it does"

"I've been trying to explain it to my friends and there aren't any words.  It was so much confusion that I was always sitting in and to be where I'm at right now, where I'm so happy for no reason.   I'm so at peace, inspired, empowered, calm and optimistic. There are no words.""~Jennifer

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